La ban­da

Brief history

Guieldu. Born in troubled times

Guieldu was cre­at­ed as a musi­cal project at the end of 2019 in Asturias, at the ini­tia­tive of the flutist and com­pos­er of the group Héctor Aneiros. It is a young band framed in the cur­rent of Celtic Music, which is inspired by the sound of the groups and artists of the genre in the 80’s and 90’s.

The name usu­al­ly arous­es some curios­i­ty and comes from an expres­sion typ­i­cal of some areas of cen­tral-west­ern Asturias. In them, “dir al guiel­du” or “tar al guiel­du” means to go to col­lect small fruits in the for­est or the sea. That is why Guieldu is also an alle­go­ry of the band’s work: col­lect­ing tra­di­tion­al music from the Atlantic arc and adapt­ing it to their own style.

Forming the band

Due to the pan­dem­ic and the 2020 lock­downs, the group’s activ­i­ty was cut short short­ly after it began. The rehearsals were affect­ed by long breaks that made dif­fi­cult not only the prepa­ra­tion of the reper­toire, but also the sta­bil­i­ty of the formation.

After these ini­tial ups and downs, through­out 2021 Guieldu man­ages to con­sol­i­date its mem­bers with sev­en com­po­nents from Asturias and León. Musicians who come from var­ied scenes, from tra­di­tion­al and clas­si­cal music to met­al or world music and of course folk.

They were Susana Sors, ​​voice and acoustic gui­tar; Jorge Álvarez, bouzou­ki, man­dolin and elec­tric gui­tar; Laura Mendez, syn­the­siz­ers; Pablo Santamarta on bass; Héctor Aneiros with whis­tles, flutes and ocari­nas; Celia Nieto, vio­lin and Gabriel Catalán as drummer.

At the end of that same year, with the band still immersed in the cre­ation of their reper­toire, they record­ed the first sin­gle on their own and with their own tech­ni­cal means, which pos­i­tive­ly sur­prised crit­ics and spe­cial­ized audiences.

In the sum­mer of 2022 the reper­toire was ready and the first live con­certs arrived. The band’s tour includ­ed, among oth­ers, per­for­mances at the Sendim Interceltic Festival (Portugal), the Intercelticu d’Avilés, the Festival Intercéltico de Occidente or the Campo y Santibañez Celtic Night.

In the autumn of that year, Celia and Gabri are forced to leave the band due to their aca­d­e­m­ic com­mit­ments. Then the vio­lin­ist Olaya Pérez and Rubén Cadenas take over on drums, per­cus­sion and programming.

The begin­ning of 2023 could not have been more pos­i­tive. In February, Guieldu won the AMAS Asturian music award for “Best Folk Song 2022” for L’Aremu. 

Around those dates they also entered the record­ing stu­dio to pre­pare their sec­ond sin­gle, “Perdayuri” also with two songs and which was released on dig­i­tal plat­forms in April.

Guieldu. mimbros de la banda: Susana Sors, voz y guitarra acústica; Jorge Álvarez, bouzouki, mandolina y guitarra eléctrica; Laura Méndez, sintetizadores; Pablo Santamarta al baxu; Héctor Aneiros con whistles, flautas y ocarinas; Olaya Pérez, violín y Rubén Cadenas, baterista.

Semeyes: (CC BY-ND) Mónica O.

"L'aremu" his recording debut. "Perdayuri" his second single.

Fue en diciem­bre de 2021 cuan­do la ban­da se decide a grabar dos temas por su cuen­ta, en el local de ensayo, aprovechan­do las vaca­ciones de Navidad y en febrero de 2022 se lanzó “L’Aremu” en todas las platafor­mas, el primer sin­gle del grupo a modo de maque­ta-pre­sentación con dos temas.

Tras las actua­ciones de ver­a­no de 2022 comen­zaron a tra­ba­jar en el segun­do sen­cil­lo, que al igual que el primero, estaría a dis­posi­ción del públi­co en todas las platafor­mas dig­i­tales. Pero esta vez acud­ieron a los estu­dios 15:40 del músi­co y pro­duc­tor Luis Senén (ex N’arba y Felpeyu).

À la ban­da le gus­ta el for­ma­to sin­gle à la vie­ja usan­za, con dos temas (cara A y cara B). A estos dos sen­cil­los que suman cua­tro temas se añadirá a lo largo del año un ter­cero y los tres com­ple­tarán en un futuro cer­cano un LP que aspi­ran a pub­licar en for­ma­to físico.

Toda la actu­al­i­dad de la ban­da puede seguirse aquí.

Guieldu en el escenario. Concierto en vivo

Band Members

Olaya Pérez. Violín. Guieldu

Susana Sors

Voice and acoustic guitar

Héctor Aneiros, frautas, whistles y ocarina

Héctor Aneiros

Flutes, whis­tles & ocarinas

Olaya Pérez. Violín. Guieldu

Olaya Pérez


Jorge Álvarez. el bouzouki y la guitarra eléctrica de la banda

Jorge Álvarez

Bouzouki, man­dolin & elec­tric guitar

Pablo Santamarta, bajista del grupo

Pablo Santamarta

Bass & didgeridoo

Laura Méndez, a los teclados y emuladores

Laura Méndez


Gabriel Catalán. Batería y percusiones

Rubén Cadenas

Drums, per­cus­sions and programations

Old Members

Celia Nieto, violinista de Guieldu

Celia Nieto

Fiddle (2020−2022)

Héctor Aneiros, frautas, whistles y ocarina

Gabriel Catalán

Drums and per­cus­sions (2019−2022)

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