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Celtic Music from Asturias. Folk fusion of asturi­an tra­di­tion­al music and atlantic euro­pean music with the atmos­phere of the New-Age sound.

"L'Aremu" el single de Guieldu. Música Celta New Age desde Asturias

“Celtic music is the dream that some­thing from the past is still here; is the result of a lifestyle”

Carlos Ñúnez 

One of the most won­der­ful and engag­ing things I’ve learned is that we are the cul­mi­na­tion and exten­sion of each oth­er’s his­to­ries and there is more that binds us togeth­er than sep­a­rates us.

Loreena McKennitt 

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Guieldu, Celtic Music whith 💙 from Asturies